Donation pages for other groups and organizations have been linked to our site, but for those interested in donating to us directly, we are indeed a 501(c)(3) non-profit association. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

You can give us direct contributions to help fund clinicians, featured artists, or celebrity appearances at our own events or co-sponsored events around the region, but we can also “gift” certain amounts to orchestras, ensembles, or other non-profit arts organizations in order to help sponsor their efforts. All donations go through Pay Pal. Just be sure to contact us after you make a contribution to make arrangements for “gifting” to other Written & Performing Arts programs in Northwest Indiana . . . Surprise an orchestra or an arts organization today!!!!

*Please note: by clicking on the button below, you will be redirected to the Pay Pal donation page linked to ViVace Assai. This current page should have already opened “in a new window,” so there shouldn’t be any issues getting back to our main website. Please follow the steps on the VAi Pay Pal page.



Want to help VAi sponsor special appearances, celebrity workshops, professional master classes, or clinicians around the region? Please make a contribution to ViVace Assai today!!!

Feel free to contact us in order to discuss making contributions for specific reasons. Eventually, we will roll out “Celebrity Campaigns” so people can donate specifically for a single artist or professional musician to come into the region as a working clinician or just a special guest to meet students and families. Please help VAi change somebody’s world for a day (or two, or three!) If we gain enough support during these campaigns, we’ll bridge the connections! So stay tuned . . .
And by all means, tell a friend about VAi’s efforts, upcoming events, and vision!
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