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The more collaboration across Northwest Indiana the better!

VAi founders and staff members have been working collectively within Northwest Indiana Performing Arts programs for decades. Check out some of the past events they created or supported since founding ViVace Assai in the next section, or click on the button to take you to the full list of past events!

Festivals, Concerts, & Productions

June / 2011 ~ “MICHIGAN CITY CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL” ~ VAi began supporting the Michigan City Chamber Music Festivals.

July / 2011 ~ “SUMMER RHAPSODY MUSIC FESTIVAL” ~ Miguel Rosario-Vega launched the first annual concert series at Central Plaza in downtown Valparaiso, IN, known as the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival. It featured the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival Orchestra, which brought together professional musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and around the region.

June / 2011 ~ “ARTISTIC HARMONY” ~ VAi supported a local benefit concert for the Young Peoples’ Theater Company called “Artistic Harmony,” created and directed by YPTC alumni, Brandon Williams. As the “Artistic Harmony” music director, Derek Meilaender worked with the vocalists and conducted the stage orchestra, which included musicians from across the region and the La Porte County Symphony orchestra, as well as Michigan City Area Schools. Featured vocalists for the benefit concert included Brandon Williams, Nanda Danitschek, Aaron Garrett, Sarah Gorecki, Lori Lubbs-Zilstra, and Sarah Gorecki.

September / 2011 – Present ~ LCSO ~ VAi formed a partnership with Philip Bauman and the LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra to help support LCSO annual concerts and Hoosier Star events. Since then, Derek Meilaender has volunteered as the Assistant Conductor for the LCSO, helping Maestro Bauman, the sound technicians, and various mixers at rehearsals, performances, pops concerts, and regional events (i.e. for production notes, orchestral balance, etc, overall sound production, and mixing quality).

December / 2012 & 2013 ~ “An Evening Of Holiday Music” ~ VAi supported two more themed benefit concerts for the Young Peoples’ Theater Company, entitled both years as “An Evening Of Holiday Music.” Featured artists from “Artistic Harmony” came back to grace the stage with new vocalists and performers, including Brandon Williams, Aaron Garrett, Sarah Gorecki, Sean Sobecki, Brandon Sobecki, Drew Frasure, Chad Galloway, Andrew Tallackson, and VAi’s own Gayle Davis.

January 1st, 2013 – ViVace Assai sponsored it’s first “official” educational event, or production, for students in the region. Gayle Davis and Derek Meilaender performed in Chicago with a group of local artists and singers at Navy Pier’s WinterWonderFest. Read more on the full “Past Events Page” (click on the button… it’s big and purple, look for it… ready, GO).

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