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150 Esther Street, Michigan City, IN 46360

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(574) 988-0228

(219) 378-6126 


Derek Meilaender

Miguel Rosario-Vega

Galye Davis

Sarah Faulkenburg 

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Fun Fact: The original concept and design for ViVace Assai’s Lettering was inspired by Lake Michigan. The “swoosh” under the “ViV” is supposed to reflect a wave and a book (seen on the Personnel page), since we support music, theater, and literature. All of the performing arts begin with some type of story, so, in a sense, the book and the wave image (symbolized sometimes as just a “swoosh”) act as both a foundation for the association and a reminder of where it all began, right alongside Lake Michigan. The letters “ViV” are supposed to symbolize birds flying around a sunset behind Michigan City’s Lighthouse (or, over the last part of Assai, towards the moon). The fact that Deneza Jadol was able to represent all of those various concepts in her photograph is just amazing. We always had the sunset theme and the “wave combined with the book” in the back of our minds, but now Deneza just blew all of that out of the water!!! Hopefully the “swoosh” will act as a reminder of our mission to support written and performing arts just as much as it represents Michigan City.