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Specific Information about all of the Clinicians & Professional Artists associated with VAi


On the homepage, we have banners to click on for Featured Celebrity Artists and Clinicians (people we’ve worked with directly or sponsored to work in the region). This page will eventually list all of the Professional Artists, Renowned Educators, and Clinicians that have been affiliated with us in some way or capacity over the years!
Special Note: A lot of the Collaborating Clinicians featured on this page are world-class musicians, and they have worked directly with regional schools and students through the Michigan City Chamber Music Fest. Other pictured Clinicians have promoted local events and / or come from outside the region. Please help VAi continue all their efforts and sustain NWI’s already rich, longstanding arts traditions! Consider making a donation so they, and others, can continuously come back to the region!!! 
Here’s a brief, initial listing of some of our clinicians and collaborators. . .


JOHN HANCOCK – Oscar-Nominated Director
GRACE TARNOW – Introduced in Hancock’s film, The Looking Glass (Pictured)


NICOLAS ORBOVICH – MCCMF (Pictured w/ a Violin & Viola)
RUDOLF HAKEN – MCCMF (Pictured w/ either ROCKS or a “Big Barky Tree” …we can’t tell)
ROBERT AULER – MCCMF (Pictured w/ a Piano …and lots of red seats)
GABRIEL SCHLAFFER – MCCMF (Pictured w/ a Viola)
ZOFIA GLASHAUSER – MCCMF (Pictured w/ a Violin)
WESLEY BALDWIN – MCCMF (Pictured in a White Tux w/ a Cello)
DAVID PESHLAKAI – MCCMF (Pictured in a Black Tux w/ a Cello)
KIMBERLY JONES – MCCMF (She’s a vocalist, so she’s not holding anything…)
JEFFREY DOEBLER – Valparaiso University (Pictured / Headshot)
MICHAEL FRANKART – Renowned Educator;  Director of “The Jacket Company,”
A semi-professional touring a cappella HS ENSEMBLE from New Riegel, OH (Pictured in a Black Tux)


ERIC BOOTH; Arts Advocate, Teaching Artist, & El Sistema USA (New York, NY)
BOB FIEDLER; Former Executive Director for The People’s Music School (Chicago, IL)